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Lifestyle product photography & set build

We had a client email us needing lifestyle product photography with models in a coffee shop/ office type setting. So we built a set, prop styled it and hired some models.

Dallas Product Photographer

Here you see a comparison with and without the product that elevates laptop computers. The benefits of shooting in studio is image quality and lighting control.

Campbell model Roxanna Redfoot modeling the Fentri product in a lifestyle setting. Lifestyle product shots are so much more inviting than a product shot on white. It tells a story and invites the viewer to picture themselves using the product.

We drop in exterior scenes to complete the look of on location. By shooting in studio we saved the client over $1k on location fees.

Here we dropped in a computer screen to make it look like she was using the computer. I white floor helps keep the image clean from busy lines or patterns to help keep your focus on the product.

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