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Good ole country photo shoot

The client Smithworks Vodka needed a country styled photo shoot with their vodka and a few real models and a few hero shots to go with it. We took on the project as producer, director and photographer! Check out some of our favorite shots!

Dallas Product Photographer

Everything is just peachy! Love this shot. Sun was at just the right angle, we added some branches over head for dappling and a hard light strobe from the right to give it a little more kick. I purposefully composed the photograph

to reveal the barn and the stable. You always want to show a little sky so the image doesn't feel cramped.

The client wanted a golden hour look/feel to the photo shoot so we started bright and early to catch the morning light. Because the sun is always moving we decided to scrim it off and add our own controlled hard light as sun. The lighting you see here is a mix of sun diffused and strobe.

When using 2 sources of light, I always am on the look out for double shadows. Double shadows are a huge "no-no" in the photography world, they are just unpleasant to look at and they reveal your lighting error. Here you can see the shadows of the fruit all have a single shadow despite there being 2 sources of light, strobe and sun.

In this photograph the client called for "human elements" only. What does this mean?? It means hands and arms, no faces. Basically we want to see that there are humans but not be distracted by them. Here we show a drinks ingredients and preparation happening in a lifestyle setting.

A little warm tint goes a long way when trying to make your photograph look more like golden hour. If you noticed all these images were a bit warm, you are right but it was not accidental. Bringing up the warmth makes it feel more like the evening when the sun is low and everything gets a little more yellow and saturated. Check out some of the bts footage bellow!

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